Over 456,000 homes will be sold in Canada this year and the most successful sales will be carried out by real estate agents who are conversant with the market. In most cases, your home is your most valuable asset which is why 95% of home buyers prefer to use a real estate agent as it makes their search and payment for a home easier and more convenient.

Here are the top 5 reasons to work with a real estate professional:
1. Represents Your Best Interests

To represent your best interests as a buyer. Remember, the listing agent works for the seller, not you. Your rights and interests need to be protected as well.

2. Negotiating Price

To negotiate the best price and terms for this substantial asset. Even a 1% difference on a $500,000 home can mean another $5,000 in your pocket!.

3. Peace Of Mind

To give you peace of mind when it comes to the countless details so you can enjoy the process of buying a home.

4. Market Values

To help you understand market values and ensure you are not overpaying.

5. It’s Free

It’s absolutely free for you as a buyer. Fees are paid by the seller.

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Disclaimer: This document is not intended to solicit properties already listed for sale with another broker