3 Proven Ways To Sell Your Condo Quickly

If you need to sell your condo, fast, you might envision having to scramble and stress — and ultimately settle for a low price. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

Follow these simple tips to significantly increase your chances of a quick sale at a good price

1. Price it right.

If your asking price seems high compared to other similar units (even at other properties) some buyers might not even bother to schedule a viewing. Does that mean you must low-ball your price? No. Just be strategic and set a price that’s likely to encourage a quick sale.

2. Stage it smartly.

Staging your condo doesn’t need to take a lot of time. There are many things you can do, within just a few days, to make your unit show well. Cleaning, decluttering and painting are the basics. For other quick staging tips and tricks, we have professionals that can help.

3. Make it easy to see.

You want a large number of qualified buyers to see your unit early on. So be accommodating when it comes to scheduling viewing appointments, especially on week nights. You’ll forget any inconvenience when you get a good offer!

Disclaimer: This document is not intended to solicit properties already listed for sale with another broker